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Young Lives Redeemed takes transitional age (18-25) emancipated foster youth off the streets and puts them on a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency. We seek to empower youth to overcome childhood trauma by facilitating engagement in mental healthcare and substance abuse recovery. We envision a world where no former foster youth are homeless or incarcerated and work collaboratively to change lives and create hope.

I was hopeless and had no one. Young Lives Redeemed has become my family.
— David (24)
I had tried and failed so many times to get my life on track. I didn’t see the point in trying yet again. I had accepted the fact that maybe it was my fate to be homeless and alone. Young Lives Redeemed came around me and got me the healing I needed to recover from the stuff that happened to me when I was a kid. I am now clean and sober, living with other clean and sober women, and have a job I love. I never dreamed this life was possible.
— Susan (22)
Everyone I knew had given up on me. I had given up on myself. Young Lives Redeemed came along beside me and got me the mental health and substance abuse treatment help I needed. Today, I am clean and sober, have a job, my own place, and a sense of purpose.
— Philip (24)
I was staying at a temporary homeless shelter, and men were trying to get me to do things I was uncomfortable with. I was lonely and scared. Young Lives Redeemed came and got me and put me into treatment so I could get the care I needed. I am now clean and sober, living on my own, and have a full time job. I never imagined I could have this life.
— Kelsey (18)